Manziel: ‘I would hope I’m a better passer than Tim Tebow’

There’s not a doubt that Tim Tebow makes one great role model as the type of person any parent would want to see their children blossom into.

With that being said, he isn’t exactly the best quarterback to emulate if you want to be successful in the NFL, and Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel knows that.

Tebow and Manziel have a lot in common actually. Both quarterbacks tortured SEC defenses right from the start of their college careers, and both won the Heisman Trophy as an underclassman; Tebow as a sophomore, Manziel of course being the first freshman with the honors.

While both college stars relied on their legs to make plays, Manziel says that is where the similarities end.

“I would hope that I’m a better passer than Tim Tebow,” Manziel said during an appearance on ESPN’s First Take. “Hopefully, I wouldn’t have to go into an offseason and work on my mechanics because as a freshman and as a redshirt freshman, I tried to work on that before I even got into this position where I would have to be questioned about that.”

The Aggie Heisman winner made it clear he’s a fan of Tebow as a person and he is glad the former Florida star is getting a chance to improve himself with the Patriots.

“He’s a great person, he deserves this chance that he’s getting in the NFL. I do truly believe that from the bottom of my heart,” Manziel said. “As far as being a starting quarterback in the NFL, I don’t know if that really suits him. I think the Patriots will be a great place for Tim Tebow. I think that with all the places he could’ve gone, being with Belichick and what they do and just how that whole organization is, I think it is a great fit for him. I just don’t hang on one throw in one game in the playoffs.”