Iowa State coach goes off on refs in epic postgame rant

Paul Rhoads wasn’t happy with the Big 12’s officiating in his team’s 31-30 loss to Texas, and opened his postgame press conference with a nearly two-minute rant against a late controversial call.

Iowa State linebacker Jeremiah George appeared to wrestle the ball away from Texas running back Johnathan Gray on the 1-yard line while Iowa State clung to a 30-24 lead with just over a minute to play. Officials ruled him down by contact, but did not whistle the play dead until George had clear possession of the ball.

After a review, officials confirmed the call and allowed Texas to keep possession.

Two plays later, Case McCoy scored on a quarterback sneak to give the Longhorns an eventual game-winning touchdown.

Rhoads even managed to drop a “so proud” in the rant, a nod to his signature phrase in two popularized locker room speeches that were filmed after wins against Nebraska in 2009 and Oklahoma State in 2011.

Here’s the play that drew Rhoads’ ire. You make the call. Does he have a case? I’d expect some sort of comment from the Big 12 at some point in the next week.

Even the rival school’s police department at the University of Iowa posted some support of their own on Twitter after the game.