Raging spirit dwells within Vikings’ Peterson

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Adrian Peterson is a beast on the football field, one of the best and toughest running backs in the NFL.

This week he turned himself into a beast off the field.

For the Minnesota Vikings’ Halloween party, Peterson dressed as The Hulk and then tweeted a picture that would make Dr. David Banner proud. And when Peterson is involved, there’s no need for any artificial muscles. He can simply paint himself green.

“You never know how ripped he is until I saw him as The Hulk,” quarterback Christian Ponder said. “He’s unbelievable.”

Peterson, who has carried the Vikings’ offense with a league-high 775 rushing yards, simply took his super hero act off the field. He’s also shown otherworldly recuperative powers coming back from December ACL surgery — no accidental overdose of gamma rays required — so the costume was very fitting in the case of one of the league’s top stars.
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