Athletic directors from K-State and Mississippi State schedule football series on Twitter

There are snark tweets, funny tweets, troll tweets and, of course, the OMG-LeBron-James-is-going-back-to-Cleveland tweets. But what about using 140 characters (or less) to set dates for future college football games?

It happened.

What started as some good-natured fun between athletic directors ended up in an agreement to meet on the gridiron.

Kansas State AD John Currie got the conversation started when he took to Twitter on Friday morning with a video to challenge Mississippi State AD Scott Stricklin for the "Chillin 4 Charity" campaign. (Basically, you challenge people to pour water on their head in the name of charity.)

Currie stated in the video, "We think that Mississippi State ought to come here at Bill Snyder Family Stadium and play a little football sometime."

From there, the two started talking shop, hashtags included.

Nothing is officially official, of course, until the contract is signed. But all tweets point toward the SEC-Big 12 matchup, with the Bulldogs visiting the Little Apple in 2018 and the Wildcats traveling to Starkville, Miss., in 2019.

This has to be the first time a major-college football game was scheduled using social media, right? #Awesome.