Memorabilia auction benefits Deacon Jones Foundation

In their 30 years of marriage, Elizabeth Jones witnessed one of the most rare, and rather bizarre moments, from her husband, the legendary Deacon Jones.

The Hall of Famer Jones, who made quarterbacks cringe before every snap for 14 NFL seasons, showed a softer side at an event for his very own Deacon Jones Foundation.

“The first time I ever saw him cry was when we announced the winners at a black tie event and he got so choked up that he couldn’t even finish talking. He needed to call me up on stage to finish talking to the people because he was so touched by what we had been able to accomplish.”

The Deacon Jones Foundation was built in 1997 with a goal of helping children from inner-city communities and give them an opportunity to attend college
and make a difference.

For Deacon Jones, he felt like it was needed.And now, Elizabeth Jones carries on his legacy in the only way he would want.

Jones passed away on June 4 and left behind a treasure of memorabilia of his illustrious career.

Jones’ collection was recently placed on the auction through Steiner Sports Memorabilia’s Coast to Coast Legends auction with a portion of the proceeds going to the foundation.

“He always wanted, not only allow his fans the opportunity to own a piece of him, but also he also wanted a large portion of the proceeds go to the Deacon Jones Foundation, so that legacy of his could also continue,” Elizabeth Jones said.

As the chief financial officer of the foundation, Elizabeth has been as every bit responsible for its services and takes the responsibility of carrying Jones’ legacy with much pride.

“It’s different when your spouse is a normal human being, than it is when your husband is a legend and it’s not anything I would choose to walk away from,” she said.

There are 24 artifacts registered from Jones’ collection in the auction. Some of the collectibles include Jones’ 1980 Hall of Fame ring, his 1968 and 1969 Most Valuable Player trophies and the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team Pin.

Of the collection, the most compelling item on the list may be a 1966-67 Rams defensive playbook with strategies from former Rams coach George Allen.

Jones and Allen had very close relationship and Jones treasured that playbook. It was given to Jones by Allen’s wife shortly after Allen had passed in 1990.

“It’s amazing to look through it. Aside from plays being drawn out, it’s got notes hand-written by George … and talking about Deacon and the Foursome.”

The auction will run through Dec. 9, what would have been Jones’ 75th birthday.

Jones also donned the No. 75 in his career.

Is it all a coincidence? Elizabeth doesn’t think so.

“It’s meant to be,” she said.