Datsyuk dekes a player to the ice

If you went to bed at a reasonable time Thursday, you missed something spectacular in the Red Wings-Sharks game.

No, not a goal — the Wings lost 2-0 — but Pavel Datsyuk pulling off a move that would have made Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving and Trey Burke proud. Datsyuk got the puck in the corner, and dazzled Sharks left wing Logan Couture with a series of stick flicks that finished with a fake poke between Couture’s legs.

By the time Datsyuk pulled the puck back that time, Couture was so discombobulated that he simply fell over while the Red Wings star skated away. Mickey Redmond couldn’t stifle the awed laughter while breaking down the replay. (See the video above.)

To make it worse for Couture, he was celebrating his 24th birthday. It’s not known if Datsyuk wished him a happy birthday after leaving him sprawled on the ice.