Roman Reigns talks Shield reunion, 49ers, ‘Seinfeld’, Ambrose’s R-rated nickname, more

Roman Reigns is very candid when discussing his up-and-down relationship with WWE fans.

Ron Elkman/Sports Imagery/Getty Images

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns joined the newest edition of "The Buzz with Jimmy Traina" to discuss a wide variety of topics from wrestling to "Seinfeld" to how Dean Ambrose got an R-rated nickname.

Reigns also talked about the WWE’s annual partnership with Susan G. Koman for National Breast Cancer Awareness month. As part of this year’s "Rise Above Cancer" campaign, WWE will donate to Komen 20 percent of the retail sales price of all co-branded merchandise sold on, while fans can also donate $1, $5 or $10 to Komen upon checkout from the site.

On when he found out Seth Rollins would be turning against The Shield:

"Day of."

On a possible Shield reunion:

"It’s tough because I enjoy what I’m doing now. I enjoy being a singles guy. I enjoy commanding the stage with myself and an opponent. It’s a different process when you’re teammates. Especially with the way we work. We’re very unselfish with how we work together in so many different regards. Not just what you see as the final product of the match. Just strategizing, psychology, teamwork. What made us so empowering is that we helped each other and we always looked out for each other and you didn’t see that in wrestling too often. Even in factions, it’s a very individual game, but The Shield, we were just iron-clad brothers in black. We made it more about the group than anything. I miss that. I miss that camaraderie."

On winning back the fans who turned against him at the beginning of the year:

"It’s been a work in progress. The crowd is the crowd. You’re gonna take them as an individual performer how you take them. The key is how do you learn from them. How do you use whatever is happening reaction-wise to get better."

On The New Day’s popularity:

"Although I’ve beaten some of their asses in the past few weeks, I enjoy watching them. You can tell they’re having fun. That’s a huge thing. When you can see a talent having fun, you can invest more."

On whether Colin Kaepernick is the guy for his 49ers:

"No. I’m not a Kaepernick guy at all."

On why he doesn’t follow anyone on Twitter:

"I don’t care to read about anybody’s Twitter. I don’t care what you’re eating for breakfast or where you just went. For me, it’s mainly just to connect with my supporters and the people who are showing a mad amount of love. For the most part, I don’t care what Dolph Ziggler is doing or that Seth Rollins worked out. I don’t wanna watch a video of Cena power cleaning."

On fans calling Dean Ambrose the "T—y Master."

"I love it."

Reigns also talked about still getting nervous to perform, his upcoming Hell in the Cell match against Bray Wyatt, on whether he prefers to be a heel or a babyface, the popularity of the New Day, his pre-"Monday Night Raw" routine, his wide array of musical taste, his favorite "Seinfeld" episode and explained why Dean Ambrose is called the "T—y Master."

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