Percy Harvin’€™s Super Bowl kick return costs furniture store big bucks

Percy Harvin’s 87-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in Super Bowl XLVIII is one of those moments that will be replayed for generations to come. For a select group of 65 lucky individuals, it is also the play that scored them a set of free furniture.

According to Chris Sullivan of, Harkness Furniture in Tacoma, Wash., ran a Super Bowl promotion that if an opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown, whoever purchased furniture on select dates would receive it for free.

“If the Seahawks ran back an opening kickoff, everybody’s furniture would be free,” said Dave Harkness. “With Percy Harvin running back that third-quarter touchdown, we ended up giving away about $72,000 worth of free furniture.”

“When Percy broke free, I knew he had one guy to beat with the kicker, and our house was ecstatic. You would have thought we had just won the Super Bowl at that point.”

It’s not often that a person loses a gamble and walks away happy, but Harkness couldn’t be more thrilled. He views the promotion as a marketing tool to turn the 65 shoppers into loyal customers.

“We’ll be out a few dollars, but we have some insurance that covers a lot of it. Just the fact that we made 65 loyal Harkness Furniture friends, probably for life, and we’re going to be handing out some checks up to about $5,000 on Monday night for people that won free furniture.”

The store held a celebration to hand out the $72,000 in prize money. The man who made it possible, Harvin, will also be receiving a gift in the form of a thank you card signed by all of the winners.

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