Holy replica, Batman! Dark Knight-inspired golf cart sells for big bucks

This Batmobile-inspired replica sold on eBay for nearly $18,000.

Do you happen to be a troubled billionaire who fights insane criminals at night while choosing to play golf during the day? Then this Batman-inspired golf cart should be right up your Gotham City alley.

Some engineers with entirely too much time on their hands have built a one-of-a-kind "Batcart" golf buggy, complete with jet-black armor and six all-terrain wheels. This Monstrosity of Awesomeness was up for auction on eBay before it sold for $17,500.

What would you get in a custom made Batcart, you might ask? Here’s a rundown of the specs:

• 4-link rear suspension with coil covers

• Brand-new 6 Trojan Gell Cell 8-volt batteries (replaced for this sale)  

• Rear-disc breaks installed to allow stopping quickly

• 500-amp controller

• (Replaced with a Go-Cart motor) 48 Volts 6HP 4600 RPMs (Clocked at 38 mph) 

• Custom-made dual 28-inch Super Swamper tires — smaller version of the original "Tumbler Tires" from the movie

• 110-volt converter

• On-board charger

• Secret kill switch as an anti-theft device

• 4 cup holders

• iPad, stand

• Lights, side mirrors

• Horn with a noise that is as equal in stature  

• Rear warning backup buzzers

• Adjustable leather seats

• Batman logo on a sports steering column