Gundy: SI series hasn’t impacted OSU recruiting

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy says the recent five-part Sports Illustrated series hasn’t impacted the Cowboys’ recruiting efforts.

He told FOX Sports Southwest on Thursday morning that the response on the recruiting trail since the series debuted on Sept. 10 has been minimal.

“We haven’t heard anything. Absolutely zero. We had 20 players committed, and we now have 21 committed. We don’t even hear about it anymore,” Gundy said.

Sports Illustrated investigated the Cowboys’ program for 10 months, spoke to 64 former players on record and uncovered various allegations about players being paid by boosters. The series also alleged academic fraud during Les Miles’ tenure at Oklahoma State that carried over to Gundy’s term as head coach, which began in 2005.

“I think I may have gotten four questions from parents over that, and I think it got to a point where it became somewhat comical for them,” Gundy said. “In fact, most of them never even saw the last two issues or copies or whatever it’s called in the series.”

The first two stories in the series dealt with allegations of paying players and academic fraud, followed by allegations of widespread drug use and selective enforcement of a “four-strike” drug policy that was lax compared to other programs in college football. The final two stories dealt with reported sexual relationships between members of OSU’s “Orange Pride” program and recruits. The final story examined the fallout and current circumstances of players who didn’t finish their careers as Cowboys.

Gundy says he hasn’t had to deliver a message to parents or recruits about the series.

“They don’t ever bring it up,” he said.