Report: Sumlin helped save Manziel from year-long ban

Maybe Johnny Manziel should cut up a little piece of his Heisman Trophy and give it to Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin.

If it weren’t for Sumlin going to bat for Manziel last summer, the magical Heisman Trophy season might have never have happened.

Sumlin, who was in Oklahoma on Monday, told that he wrote a letter of support for Manziel during a suspension appeal process last summer.

Sumlin made it clear that he was on Manziel’s side when his QB was suspended from school following an arrest. Manziel, who was reportedly arrested for fighting and possession of fake IDs, even contemplated transferring. Manziel appealed the suspension, which would have cost him the 2012 season, and had Sumlin in his corner. The coach reportedly wrote a letter on Manziel’s behalf because he believed the QB was complying with internal discipline. The letter helped the ruling get overturned.

“We imposed some penalties on him, not penalties but some things he had to do,” Sumlin said in the report. “A lot’s been said about discipline but he went through all that, which was a little bit more than people think. It’s not a public deal. It’s what I asked him to do and he did all of those things. His parents were involved in that conversation.”

Sumlin said as long as Manziel lived up to the expectations of the program, which he did, he would have no problem with his quarterback.

Sumlin also believes that the football season could be starting at just the right time for Manziel, whose ruffled feathers with his comments on social media.

“He is who he is,” Sumlin said. “He’s made some mistakes and everybody knows that but right now, for him to be back, and we’ve got summer school going, we’ve got fall camp coming up. Being back with his teammates is a big deal and good for him.”