Stumped teen contestant answers ‘What are those?’ during Final Jeopardy!

Normally when Jeopardy! contestants are in the news, it’s for making a fool of themselves. In this case, though, it’s for a good reason.

Sabrina, competing on Teen Jeopardy! on Thursday, was in need of a big performance on the final question of the night down almost $15,000. Essentially, she’d already lost, because the leader had at least double of the other two contestants. Stumped on the Final Jeopardy, with nothing left to lose, Sabrina suggested that the largest structure made by living creatures, that can be seen from space, was a giant pair of ugly shoes.

“What are those?” she answered.

What an absolutely genius answer. If you’re not too privy to trends these days, “What are those?” is a meme that picked up steam over a year ago, and is relatively dead now. It can still be funny at the right moment, and this was the damn perfect one.

You’re a hero, Sabrina. Sorry about the loss.

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