Irvin: Bryant arrest is ‘out of this world for me’

Michael Irvin is no stranger to arrests. The former Cowboys wide receiver and Hall of Famer was arrested for drug possession in 1996 and missed the first five games of the season.

Irvin has had other run-ins with the law throughout his career and after, but none involving domestic violence. During an appearance Tuesday on the NFL Network, Irvin talked about Bryant’s arrest for allegedly assaulting his mother Saturday in DeSoto.

“To say this is totally out of the realm of possibility, I wouldn’t be totally honest,” Irvin said. “We know with Dez’s background and upbringing, that he may have the proclivity to make some bad decisions. I had that proclivity. But to go this distance with it is a bit far.

“I don’t even care to talk about what the Dallas Cowboys must be doing here. I need to know what some counsel is going to tell Dez, or what guy he’s talking to about this issue. You heard her say she’s tired of this, she can’t take it, so obviously it’s so sad because it’s not the first time. And there’s certainly something going on there that if we care anything about him the man, forget the football, we need to make sure that somebody looks into this.”

Irvin added: “I don’t care what the Dallas Cowboys think on this situation. I only want somebody to talk to Dez about figuring out how you get to the place where your mom is begging you to go home and not hit her. I don’t care about anything else. That’s serious stuff that we got to get to the bottom of.”

Irvin and Bryant obviously know each other. The two even played in a charity basketball game together at R.L. Turner High School in May.

Asked what he would tell Bryant if he talked to him about the alleged incident, Irvin responded with the following.

“This is uncharted waters,” Irvin said. “I like to speak out of my spirit and a lot of things, both the highs and the lows, the peaks and valleys I’ve experienced. But this is out of the world for me. I’ve never laid my hands on any woman, let alone talk about the No. 1 woman in any man’s life which should be his mother.

“And you got to only try to think about where the anger and all of that is before you even get to that point. The pressures or the stress or what you’re dealing with, whatever is going on, we got to de-stress him, but we can’t have that. I know he has to be saying the same things now.”

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