Fantasy Fox: Handling three simultaneous mock drafts — #5 slot

To break up the monotony of the NFL preseason, I executed three simultaneous mock drafts on Saturday afternoon (12 teams/standard scoring) — holding the No. 5 pick each time.

Adding to the degree of difficulty, I wasn’t allowed to look at my positional cheat sheets for the preseason … or "queue" up any of the players, in anticipation of snagging ’em for future rounds.

In essence, it’s perhaps the most intense, pressure-filled environment one could face in fantasy circles.

Of his final 11 outings, Bell notched 98 total yards and/or one touchdown nine times. As for Stacy … landing a top-10 rusher at No. 20 works for me.

As for Johnson (six straight seasons of 1,400-plus total yards) … it breaks my heart that Toby Gerhart actually went before him in two different drafts — prompting this snarky Tweet from yours truly.

With the receivers, I’m genuinely torn between Wright and Decker, respective to their standing as top-25 wideouts. My current thinking: Ride Decker in standard-scoring leagues … and Wright in PPRs.

BREAKDOWN: There’s only one downside to Reed — No. 5 ranking among non-PPR tight ends — falling into my lap at Round 10:

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