NBA Rumors & Draft News, Day 12

If you’re the Cavaliers, is Bradley Beal worth your two first-round picks?

If you’re the Bobcats, do other teams’ undying interest in your No. 2 pick make you think you should just draft a guy and ship him to the highest bidder?

And if you’re the Cavs and Bobcats, is Beal even the guy you have in mind?

Beal is a 6-foot-4 shooting guard out of Florida. He’s been compared to Celtics sniper Ray Allen. He’s been called a “poor man’s Dwyane Wade.” Those right there are some pretty lofty comparisons, kids.

But if Beal really is that good, why don’t the Bobcats just draft him – and keep him? And don’t say because they already have Gerald Henderson at shooting guard. Henderson is a nice young player, but he’s not Allen or Wade. He may not be Beal, either.

Basically, if you’re not as confused as ever entering Thursday’s NBA draft, well, it’s probably because you think you know more than you actually do. Either that, or you’re waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

Truth is, nobody knows what will happen. Not even the general managers. Not yet.

One rumor has the Cavs trading their two first-rounders (Nos. 4 and 24) to the Bobcats for the second pick, and you guessed it, the right to draft Beal.

But it the Cavs do that … then what?

Then you’re bringing in Beal as your lone rookie under contract? Is he really all this team with tons of holes needs?

Maybe. Maybe he really is that good. Maybe the Cavs really are that impressed with him.

Or maybe not.

Having two picks in a draft considered as deep as this, after all, sure can’t hurt you. Especially when one of those picks is in the top five.

So if the Cavs really are thinking about trading up for Beal, they’d better be sure. As new Bobcats coach Mike Dunlop said, trading down for extra picks “makes a lot of sense.” So why would the Cavs want to give up that extra first-rounder – and potentially more?

It’s easy when you’re a fan to say, “Just make a deal already!” But sometimes, the best deals are the ones that remain pre-draft rumors, and go no further than that.

Sometimes, two first-rounders are better than one.

The Cavs need players. When they’re done with the draft, they’ll explore free agency and trades. Same goes for the Bobcats, and about 25 others.

So don’t be too disappointed if your favorite team stands pat. For the Cavs, Bobcats and the rest, this draft is really just the start.

Double Dribbles

• According to multiple sources, Beal is most likely to go third to the Wizards if the draft order stays as is. If the Bobcats take him at No. 2, you can probably assume there is some sort of deal in the works, said one source.

• Who do the Bobcats take at two if not Beal? One source familiar with their thinking says they’re leaning toward Kansas power forward Thomas Robinson. If that’s the case, Kentucky small forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist could drop all the way to No. 5. But the Bobcats could also take him at No. 2, a source said.

• Another scenario has the Bobcats taking North Carolina forward Harrison Barnes (seemingly a real possibility), with Beal going to the Wizards and the Cavs choosing between Kidd-Gilchrist and Robinson. The Cavs have two power forwards already in Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’d pass on Robinson. Most scouts feel as if he’ll be the second-best player to come out of this draft in the long run.

• The Lakers are exploring all kinds of potential deals, having floated every name on the roster this side of Kobe Bryant. They are said to be open to trading Metta World Peace for a late first-rounder, with their eyes on Baylor forward Quincy Miller and Kentucky point guard Marquis Teague.

• The Rockets’ talks with the Kings for the No. 5 pick seem to be serious. No word, exactly, on what the Rockets would offer, but odds are, it somehow involves big man Luis Scola.

• Also, the Raptors are suddenly said to be very open to dealing their No. 8 pick. One rumor has them trading it to the Rockets for point guard Kyle Lowry. Almost every mock draft has the Raptors selecting Syracuse guard Dion Waiters at No. 8, but that “could be a smokescreen,” said a source.

• If Waiters isn’t selected by the Raptors, there’s a chance he could fall out of the lottery (top 14 picks) altogether.

• Washington guard Terrence Ross and Kentucky forward Terrence Jones are both climbing the draft charts after recent workouts, according to sources. The 76ers are said to be particularly enamored with Jones. “Depends on who else is there, of course,” said one person familiar with their thinking.

• Sixers president Rod Thorn said the team isn’t likely to draft strictly for need. “Essentially, you draft for talent and you trade for need,” Thorn told

• Back to the Lakers. If the Cavs are able to move up and nab Beal at No. 2, there’s talk the Lakers would be willing to make life easy for the Wizards and help them move out of the third spot. It would likely take power forward Pau Gasol. Far-fetched for now, but don’t be surprised if it’s something that’s explored in the right situation.

• Wizards big man Andray Blatche could also be part of that, or another, trade.

• As for front-office talk, word is Cavs assistant GM David Griffin has removed himself from consideration for the Clippers GM job. Former Nets GM Kiki Vandeweghe is said to be the frontrunner.

• Expect new Hawks GM Danny Ferry to try to package a player and the No. 23 pick to move up, sources have indictaed.

• Like the Lakers, it appears the Nets and Knicks are looking to move into the late first round. Also, the Bobcats may try to get another pick in the 20s, even if they make the aforementioned trade with the Cavs. The Heat (No. 27) and Warriors (No. 30) are two teams with late picks supposedly open to trading out of the first round.

• The Grizzlies (No. 25) are also open to trading out of the first round.

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