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'Bear Bets': The Group Chat's favorite 2024 NFL Draft bets
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'Bear Bets': The Group Chat's favorite 2024 NFL Draft bets

Updated Apr. 25, 2024 9:45 a.m. ET

The 2024 NFL Draft is finally here, so the Bear Bets crew is back with a draft special!

FOX Sports' digital gambling show returned this week to discuss all the hot-button topics surrounding the big day.

The Group Chat also reconvened as Chris "The Bear" Fallica and Geoff Schwartz were joined by Sam Panayotovich and Will Hill to discuss their favorite draft bets. 

Let's get right into the action.


The quarterbacks are the most interesting part of the draft. Are you making a play on the total number of QBs picked in the first round (4.5) or another QB prop?

Sammy P: Over 4.5

"Michael Penix Jr. can go in the top 32. It just takes one team to take a flyer and there are some teams at the back end of the first round who might not need a starter but need some backup depth."

Schwartz: Over 4.5

"I think we're easily getting over it. I'm not saying that you should take the wager at the price, but I just think we have too many teams that need quarterbacks at the top of this draft, and they can't wait until the second round. If you want to stay strong and wait for Michael Penix at the top of Round 2, good luck."

Schwartz: J.J. McCarthy to be a top-five pick (-130)   

"A lot of times, draft smoke is just that. But I feel like with McCarthy, there's too much about him. We know No. 1, 2 and 3 will be a quarterback. Maybe the Vikings trade up to No. 3, but the Broncos need a quarterback in the worst way. Someone is trading up to four or five to get McCarthy."

2024 NFL Draft: J.J. McCarthy odds and landing spots

The record for most offensive linemen drafted in the first round (10) could be broken. Do you think the Over on offensive linemen selected in the first round will hit at 9.5? Are there other OL props you like? 

The Bear: Under 9.5 

"I think 10 is a lot. I think there are a couple of guys [who have been going late in the first round of mock drafts] that probably aren't going to go in the first round."

Schwartz: Lean Under 9.5

"I think there's too many question marks about where these guys might go at the end of the first round. Kansas City could use one, but it also needs a wide receiver. The 49ers need a right tackle, but there might not be a right tackle available at pick 31. There's still plus money to go on the Under. I think that has to be the wager."

Hill: Jets to draft an offensive lineman with first pick

"I know they can get the next Kyle Brady in Brock Bowers. But seriously, everyone in that building is getting fired if Aaron Rodgers gets hurt early this season. Their jobs depend on Rodgers being healthy."

The Bear: Joe Alt to be the No. 5 pick (+475)

"I know the Chargers have been linked to a receiver or maybe trading out … but you need to protect your biggest asset at all costs. You do that by taking an offensive lineman who's probably going to produce at an All-Pro level for eight-to-10 years. We've seen Jim Harbaugh with the soliloquy about the importance of the offensive line."

Do you like a side on the total receivers taken in the first round (6.5) or any other receiver-related props?

The Bear: Over 6.5; Chiefs to draft a receiver with their first pick

"I just think in today's NFL, spreading the field, attacking depth at wide receiver matters. I think some of the things that have happened off the field — that the Bills traded Stefon Diggs, the Rashee Rice issues with Kansas City — I think that makes those teams at the back end of the first round more likely to draft a receiver."

Schwartz: Chiefs to draft a receiver with their first pick

"If you're without Rashee Rice for a long period of time, you have Hollywood Brown, Kadarius Toney, Skyy Moore, Justin Watson and Travis Kelce. Like that's worse than last year."

Sammy P: Possibly Adonai Mitchell Under 27.5 pick position

"That's a 6-foot-4, 200-pound receiver that is literally built and shaped to play in the NFL. Like he could slot into an NFL locker room and play tomorrow. Those guys at the end of the first round are going to be swing guys for a lot of these bets."

Finally, are there any defensive-related props you like?

Sammy P: Byron Murphy Under 14.5 pick position 

"Murphy Over/Under draft position a week ago was 16.5. He's also +160 to go top 10. Him and Mitchell are the two buzz names I've heard about for the last week."

Schwartz: Byron Murphy to be first defensive player drafted

"I got a text from someone else who I trust in NFL circles [about Murphy being the first defensive player drafted]. So, I made the wager. Everyone's talking about it. I think there's got to be some truth to it."

Sammy P: Kool-Aid McKinstry Under 28.5 pick position

"I have a feeling that guy is going to sneak into that like 22-to-27 range. Full disclosure, I got him at 29.5 last week. I think that's the type of guy that's going to go 23 or 35."

The Bear: Quinyon Mitchell first defensive back drafted (-125)

"He's a freaky athlete and I think he'll go before Terrion Arnold."


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