Here are the public’s five favorite Super Bowl XLIX prop bets

As of this writing, there are only about 76 hours until Super Bowl XLIX kicks off, more than enough time to place a last-minute wager on the Seahawks, Patriots, total number of Danny Amendola receptions, Katy Perry’s first song at halftime, penalty yardage, the coin toss and much more.

Courtesy Bovada (@BovadaLV), check out the five most popular prop bets, along with information about which side has the most action, plus some of my own thoughts since this is something I might be interested in.  

My take: Why are people betting on the coin toss? Seriously, what is wrong with you people? Each side costs -110. Why don’t you all just get a coin, bet each other, and keep the vig?


My take: You’re trying to predict Marshawn Lynch’s behavior?  

I’ve got a prop for you: Super Bowl games typically start out slow, and these two teams figure to rush the ball early. Check out "No score in first 6:30" of the game at about -110.  

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