This video of DeMarcus Cousins with panties on his head raises a lot of questions

DeMarcus Cousins must be happy he got traded to New Orleans just in time for Mardi Gras. Boogie and his new teammates rode in a Fat Tuesday parade this morning and had a grand old time, but perhaps no one had more fun than Cousins, who ended up wearing a pair of canary yellow panties on his head. 

I’ve got a lot of questions about this. 

• If he’s already got a pair on his head, why does he look so confused by the pair in his hand?

• Did it take until he held a pair in his hand for him to realize what was on his head?

• Why do the two pairs match? Does that mean they were handed out for the express purpose of throwing at the Pels?

• How much arm strength do you need to throw a skimpy pair of panties all the way up there?

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