Julian Edelman mic’d up vs. Ravens; Kate Sullivan is Fox-y

Julian Edelman had fun teasing the refs about the odd formations his team used against the Ravens.

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

After the Patriots beat the Ravens last Saturday, Baltimore coach John Harbaugh complained about formations New England had used during the game — and later in the week added his issue was more with how officials handled (or mishandled) substitutions. The formations were definitely an issue with the players, too. Pats wideout Julian Edelman was mic’d up for the game, and at one point he said to referee Bill Vinovic, "You guys are getting your money’s worth with them formations." Microphones also caught one Ravens defender saying, "They’re tricking me," while on the sidelines. You can hear both comments here.

Hornets forward P.J. Hairston provided us with a flop for the ages last night.

Rockets GM Daryl Morey compared being an NBA GM to being a gynecologist during a Twitter chat yesterday.

There was a comical moment during Rex Ryan’s introductory press conference in Buffalo yesterday and The Buzzer’s Andy Nesbitt has full coverage.

With teammate Tyler Clippard getting traded to Oakland yesterday, Nationals reliever used "Old School" to say goodbye to his teammate (nicknamed "Peaches").

A Sixers fan who would like to see his team lose as many games as possible for better draft position has made himself a bizarre-looking wool cap — complete with a tank on top.

Mandatory.com has put together a supercut of fans running on the field and getting absolutely leveled.

Here’s an early indication of what the Super Bowl betting line will be.

Model Kate Sullivan gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors.

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