Gibson explains ejection

PHOENIX — Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson likes the concept of baseball’s replay rules. The execution, at times, he finds lacking.

One of those times was the ninth inning on Monday night, when the D-backs challenged an umpire’s ruling that Milwaukee’s Elian Herrera had successfully stolen third base. Replays appeared to show that Herrera came off the base while being tagged on the head by Martin Prado, but after a lengthy review, the call on the field stood.

That brought Gibson out of the dugout, and he was summarily ejected, which was part of his point, as he explained afterward:

"Just let me say this: The intention of the replay rule is outstanding. It’s been great. I think as we go along we’re learning things about it. I don’t know who was there in New York looking at it. It was clear and convincing on our scoreboard that his foot came off and his back foot was not on there and he had the tag on his helmet.

"That’s something that I think needs to be talked about, because that should not be missed, in my opinion. … Everyone of those umpires do one hell of a job, and I think we see when we slow it down how close the calls are that they get right. I hesitated going out there, but I went out there because I’m hoping that because of it that we can get plays like that correct."