Rodgers: ‘Reporting of TMZ blew another one’

GREEN BAY, Wis. — If Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers did lose a bet with the members of Boyz II Men, the NFL’s Most Valuable Player isn’t ready to make it public or pay up quite yet.

According to a report by TMZ, Rodgers was able to convince the legendary R&B group to sing the National Anthem before Green Bay’s season-opening game against the San Francisco 49ers by agreeing to a friendly wager with Boyz II Men’s baritone singer, Nathan Morris.

The report stated that, if the Packers lost, Rodgers would have to wear a 49ers jersey the following week. Well, Rodgers and company did lose to San Francisco, 30-22.

But as Rodgers met with the media Tuesday for his weekly interview, he was wearing a Packers shirt and a Packers hat. There were no signs of any 49ers gear whatsoever.

The first question asked to Rodgers was inquiring about whether there was any truth to his supposed bet with Boyz II Men.

“There’s nothing to that,” Rodgers said. “That got blown way out of proportion. It was at best a joke between friends, and, unfortunately, the great reporting of TMZ blew another one.”

An update on TMZ late Monday night included a quote from Morris, who reportedly said: “Green Bay has another huge game (against the Bears) in three days so … we understand where his head is, so I know he’s focusing on that game.”

The TMZ report added that Rodgers promised Morris that he would eventually post a picture of himself wearing a 49ers jersey on Twitter.

With the division rival Chicago Bears traveling to Lambeau Field for a Thursday night matchup against the Packers this week, the topics in Rodgers’ interview quickly shifted to the game and away from any further mentions of Boyz II Men.

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