Rodgers: Matthews’ new sack dance ‘amazing’

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews has been known for his “predator” muscle-flexing sack celebration for years, but apparently he spent his down-time rehabbing an injured hamstring coming up with something new and, well, seemingly better suited for Chippendales than Soldier Field.

After taking down Chicago’s Jay Cutler on Sunday for his first sack since returning from the injury that had held him out since Nov. 4, Matthews busted out a series of hip gyrations and self petting rumored to be inspired by former professional wrestling star Ravishing Rick Rude.

“I didn’t hear that,” teammate Aaron Rodgers said of Rude as the inspiration during his weekly radio show on ESPN 540 in Milwaukee on Tuesday, “But that’s awesome.”

Rodgers seemed to appreciate that Matthews, who has 11 sacks in 10 games after getting to Cutler twice Sunday, is mixing things up on the field and off.

“It was amazing,” Rodgers told ESPN 540. “The timing that he had, I was expecting the predator there, but that was incredible. I give Clay a lot of credit; he’s changed. He’s already got an amazing commercial that’s semi self-deprecating, but it’s more his personality with the Fatheads (commercial). Next thing you know he’s doing a little hip-gyration dance.”