Badgers in pre-combine mock drafts

Chris Borland has improved his draft stock and is into Round 2 in some mocks.

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The all-star bowl games are over and the NFL Combine and pro days await. There shouldn’t be much movement on draft boards until after the combine, so why not recharge The Bucky Breakdown with a look at where Wisconsin players are projected to go in the 2014 NFL Draft.

(Note: If you know of any mock drafts which extend past 1 or 2 rounds, please let me know. with no Badgers expected to go in the first round this year, it definitely limits the mocks.)

Drafttek (7 rounds, updated Feb. 12) 

Chris Borland, Round 3 (No. 73 overall) to the Buffalo Bills

Jared Abbrederis, Round 3 (No. 78) to the Baltimore Ravens

Beau Allen's Preparing for the NFL Draft Archive

Ryan Groy, Round 4 (No. 102) to the Cleveland Browns

Jacob Pedersen, Round 7 (No. 220) to the San Francisco Giants

DJ at The New NFL Draft (4 rounds, updated Feb. 5) 

Chris Borland, Round 3 (No. 76) to the Detroit Lions. "Detroit has a great young defensive line and the Lions will be making an effort to get the linebackers to up to par. Borland may not have the range as some of the other top prospects but he is a tackling machine and Detroit was 2nd in the NFL in missed tackles a season ago."

Jared Abbrederis, Round 4 (No. 98) to the Washington Redskins. "Superb route runner that also has a future returning punts at the NFL level."

U-T  San Diego’s Eddie Brown (3 rounds, updated Feb. 12) 

Chris Borland, Round 3 (No. 94) to the San Francisco 49ers

Kevin Roberts of Breaking Football (2 rounds, updated Feb. 12) 

Chris Borland, Round 2 (No. 40) to the Minnesota Vikings. "Borland is a solid athlete with great instincts and the Vikes need an inside linebacker. He could easily go a lot earlier, but I think he sticks in round two."

The main mock at (4 rounds, updated Feb. 12) 

Chris Borland, Round 2 (No. 59) to the Indianapolis Colts. "The Colts need help all over their defense, including the linebacking corps, where the injury-prone Pat Angerer will be a free agent this March."

Jared Abbrederis, Round  4 (No. 100) to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. "Mike Glennon’s options are rather limited once you get beyond Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams. The Buccaneers will be searching for a new No. 3 receiver this offseason."

Charlie Campbell of (4 rounds, updated Feb. 10)

Jared Abbrederis, Round 3 (No. 95) to the Denver Broncos. "The Broncos could think about drafting a wide out early. Eric Decker will be hitting free agency while Wes Welker is aging."

Chris Borland, Round 4 (No. 127) to the Denver Broncos. "Nate Irving didn’t pan out, so the Broncos could use some help in the middle of their defense. They could use a more physical presence in the front seven as well. The redshirt senior is a thumper middle linebacker who is a tough-as-nails run-defender. He has shown some nice pass-rush ability as an interior blitzer. His best fit in the NFL could be on the inside of a 3-4 defense. He may not have the speed and athleticism to play in a 4-3. Borland is short and not a fluid enough athlete for pass coverage in the NFL."

Mario Puig of (3 rounds, updated Feb. 7) 

Chris Borland, Round 2 (No. 61) to the Pittsburgh Steelers

Jared Abbrederis, Round 3 (No. 65) to the Houston Texans. "The Texans have no legitimate third WR after Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins, so snagging Abbrederis here makes lots of sense. Abbrederis might be the best WR in this draft at burning defenses deep." (updated Feb. 10) 

Chris Borland, 3rd-ranked ILB, projected Round 3

Ryan Groy, 15th-ranked OG, projected Round 7

James White, 11th-ranked RB, projected Round 4-5

Dezmen Southward, 13th-ranked SS, projected Round 7-FA

Jacob Pedersen, 12th-ranked TE, projected Round 6-7

Jared Abbrederis, 14th-ranked WR, projected Round 3

Optimum Scouting

James White, 16th-ranked RB, Round 5 draft grade

Jared Abbrederis, 10th-ranked WR, Round 2 draft grade

Jacob Pedersen, 11th-ranked TE, Round 6 draft grade

Beau Allen, 20th-ranked DT, Round 7 draft grade

Chris Borland, 4th-ranked ILB, Round 3 draft grade