Ryan Hollins Blog: NCAA Tourney comes to an end

Clippers' Ryan Hollins picks UConn over Kentucky in the National Championship.

The madness is finally coming to an end in a historic way: A No. 7 and No. 8 seed battling it out for the National Championship.

The NCAA tournaments’ one-and-done format makes for some of the best action in sports, knowing that every moment could be a players’ last makes for some amazing games. After each game you see the emotion of both teams, the winners and losers, some ending their collegiate career just short of the goal, and others stepping up to the next level.  

Once my Bruins were eliminated, my bracket took a nose dive. No one in my pool had either of these teams in the championship. I think we all forgot that Kentucky was ranked No. 1 at the beginning of the season. Michael Buford won my pool with 74 points and Harvey Mireles came in second with 72 points. Hopefully they like their prizes.

I am looking forward to the game, going to have some friends and family over to watch it and hang out. I am going to pick UConn as the winner, even though Kentucky has been making history with its incredible talent.