Tony Romo’s wife happy to be getting rid of his ‘love sack’

Tony Romo has a habit of throwing away games with a late interception, but he can’t seem to throw away anything at home.

According to his wife, Candice, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is a bit of a hoarder.

"Every golf club that he’s ever gotten, we cannot give away; every T-shirt from high school until now, we cannot get rid of," she said on KRLD-FM. "So what I usually do is, I do it while he’s gone and then I hold it upstairs for long periods of time and see if he notices if it’s missing. If not, then I put it in the garage sale."

As Candice gathers items from her home for the Cowboys Women’s Association charity yard sale, she says the biggest thing she wants to get rid of is Romo’s "love sack."

"It’s a huge, ginormous, basically beanbag that was kind of his couch for years before we were even married," she said. "It kind of like molded to his body just perfectly. When I got married and I moved in, I was like ‘That’s gotta go.’

"So, we are finally getting rid of the ‘love sack.’ Whoever gets that probably really needs to wash it really good. Or just get a whole new cover. Who knows what’s living in there?"

Want Romo’s "love sack" for your living room next season or any other items from his bachelor life? Come get it this Saturday in Frisco, Texas.

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