RG3 cheers on Baylor at Cowboys Stadium

ARLINGTON, Texas — All Robert Griffin III does is win at Cowboys Stadium.

Two days after leading the Washington Redskins to a Thanksgiving victory over the Dallas Cowboys, Griffin was back on the sidelines Saturday for Baylor’s 52-45 overtime victory over Texas Tech.

Griffin, wearing a long-sleeved Baylor shirt, watched part of the game from behind the team bench. But when the Bears had a chance to win the game in regulation, he was on a knee on and talking with players. When the Bears finally did put away Tech in overtime, Griffin celebrated with the rest of his former teammates.

The win capped a Baylor-filled weekend for the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, as he talked to the team at their hotel Friday night.

“Everybody else knows him as this (RG3),” Baylor head coach Art Briles said. “To us he’s a teammate. He’s a guy that we love and trust and that we depend on and he depends on us. That’s the critical thing. What we had out there was a family member out there who wanted to see us win and was happy to be around us.”

Griffin was an interactive family member too. He talked to several Baylor players during the game, including quarterback Nick Florence. It was Florence who gave up his redshirt last year when he replaced an injured Griffin in last year’s 66-42 Baylor victory over Texas Tech.

“We talked here and there,” said Florence. “It was awesome to have him on the sideline. It felt like last year. He’s done a lot for us and he’s for us. He played a great game here Thursday night and so we wanted to come play a great game too. It was awesome to have him here and him celebrating with us. He’s a big part of what we’ve done here. Family’s family. Once a Bear, always a Bear.”