Rangers introduce Texas-sized concessions

ARLINGTON, Texas – Fans in mourning over the loss of the Great Bratbino at Rangers Ballpark now have reason for hope.

The two-foot long bratwurst, which was named for Josh Hamilton, is no longer on the concession menu at the park as the outfielder now plays for the Los Angeles Angels.

But it’s been replaced by the likes of the “Totally Rossome” Boomstick, the Sausage Slugger, the Beltre Buster and the Murph-a-Dilla.

These delights, made for families but devoured routinely by individuals, are making their debut at Rangers Ballpark this season as part of the new main course concessions which were unveiled Thursday.

The new items aren’t for the faint of heart. Most come with a sticker price of $26, with the big-ticket item being the $32 “Totally Rossome” Boomstick, named for reliever Robbie Ross. For the budget conscious, you can get a two-foot long pretzel with nacho cheese for $13.

What do you get for $32? Of course it starts with a two-foot long Nolan Ryan beef hotdog. It’s then topped with smoked brisket, fresh pico, sour cream and nacho cheese Doritos.

Nowhere on any of the concession stands that offer the new monster items is any nutritional information.

“We don’t count calories,” said Shawn Mattox, the general manager of the Sportservice concession group.

Mattox also said the food isn’t meant for one person, although he knows that was a frequent occurrence last year. The prices are meant to reflect what it would cost for an appetizer for a family.

And if you try to eat one on your own?

“You have to provide your own Rolaids,” Mattox said.

In addition to the Ross creation, Adrian Beltre and David Murphy also get some food love.

The highlight of the 24-ounce Beltre burger is the bacon and pretzel bun it comes on. Murphy, the club’s biggest eater, is being honored with a two-foot long flatbread quesadilla that is topped with the likes of brisket and nacho cheese Doritos to add a touch of color.