Modano sees lot to like in Tyler Seguin

DALLAS — A familiar face was taking in Tuesday morning’s press conference at American Airlines Center to introduce Shawn Horcoff and Tyler Seguin as two of the newest members of the Dallas Stars. That individual was none other than Stars franchise icon Mike Modano, who now serves the organization as a special advisor.

Of course, the dominant storyline at Tuesday morning’s presser was the fallout from Seguin’s controversial tweet from Saturday night, which has since been deleted from his Twitter account. Seguin said the comment was the result of his account being hacked but on Tuesday, the 21-year-old center was more focused on moving on from the entire episode than anything.
Modano, who is no stranger to Twitter himself, was asked for his thoughts on the Seguin situation from over the weekend and even agreed that matters like these are often blown out of proportion, which he feels has happened here.

“Probably so, there’s so much access to a person if you allow it to be. I think that’s the thing. You can be as out there as you want or as reserved and private and under the radar as you want too. Twitter can be fun and Twitter can be engaging with people and it can be used in a positive way with a lot of fundraising and promoting things and getting your word out about certain charities and fundraising stuff like that. But it can be hurtful as well to so you’ve got to be real careful with what you say,” Modano said.

The Stars franchise icon went on to discuss one of the major issues with Twitter, that even if someone is intending to be sarcastic or a comment is meant to be a joke, such tweets are often misconstrued because it is impossible to relay tone of voice in a tweet.

“You always open a can of worms if you’re being politically incorrect,” Modano said. “It’s taken the wrong way. There’s no sarcasm or being discreet about anything. When you’re trying to be funny in certain ways, everybody takes exception to it and they take it a little too personal.”

However, even though Modano doesn’t yet know Seguin very well, he feels like he has already gotten enough of a read on the new Stars centerman to determine that there was no ill intent with his tweet from over the weekend.

“I don’t think he’s that type of guy,” Modano said. “He seems like he’s real down to earth. But [being] 21, like Jimmy [Lites] said [during the press conference], thank God those things weren’t around when I was 21 because there would be a lot of damage control too. So you can catch yourself in a tailspin there too.”

Even though Modano didn’t know Seguin on a personal level, he’s seen him play plenty for the Bruins over the last few seasons and the man who will see his iconic No. 9 raised to the AAC rafters next season feels the Stars made a very solid addition with last Thursday’s trade.

“Well, [he’s] a lot of fun to watch. He’s one of those guys that bring you to the edge of your seat. When he has the puck and he has a lot of speed great things happen. He comes through the ice with a lot of speed through the neutral zone,” Modano said. “But he is fast and talented with it, makes good plays. It’s a real strong move that they got him here.”

And once the press conference had concluded on Tuesday, Seguin was making his way over to meet Modano when he was intercepted by the leering press for a quick Q&A about several subjects, including No. 9.

“Honestly, I haven’t really met him yet but I’m sneaking my way over there because I’m a big fan,” Seguin said. “I’ve seen him play of course and I think he’s an incredible player and heard good things.”

Seguin was even asked by a local media personality if he could envision himself as one day being the Stars’ face of the franchise, a player regarded and respected in a vein similar to Modano during his long tenure in Big D and the young center replied in the affirmative.

“Yeah, that’s what I want to be. That’s the shoes I want to step into. Obviously that’s far- fetched from where I’m standing right now, being 21,” Seguin said. “But growing up, my favorite player was always Steve Yzerman. I looked up to him and his type of game and Modano’s pretty much the same style. I think he was a great player with great speed.”