Cowboys RB Randle takes shot at Eagles’ Murray

Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle took a shot at new Philadelphia Eagles running back DeMarco Murray. 

Steven Bisig/Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Given his shaky past with the Dallas Cowboys, perhaps Joseph Randle should’ve eased into the 2015 season. Instead, he decided Wednesday to take a jab at Eagles running back DeMarco Murray.

The aftershocks were still being felt in Philadelphia, where perceived slights are a way of life. And we’ve just started OTAs.

"He had a good year last year, and I got to sit back and watch a lot," Randle said of Murray. "And I felt like there was a lot of meat left on the bone."

Yes, Randle seems to be suggesting he would’ve surpassed the Cowboys’ all-time season record of 1,845 yards that Murray amassed in 2014. It’s a preposterous statement from a player who doesn’t have much standing in this league. It will also be revisited many times if Randle doesn’t have a big season.

Maybe we shouldn’t be shocked that a player who took shots at his own teammates after being arrested for shoplifting would have some words for Murray. Told of Randle’s comments Thursday, Murray responded.

"Hopefully he can taste some of that meat this year," he told’s John Gonzalez.

"They’re a good team. Hopefully he can get a chance to run behind that line and do some good things. But I’m not worried about it. I didn’t hear about it until now. It’s not a big deal."

Murray rarely wanted to leave games last season, which made playing time scarce for Randle and Lance Dunbar. I wouldn’t be surprised if Randle was resentful toward Murray for rarely taking himself out of games.

Randle averaged more yards per carry than Murray, but he had a lot fewer attempts. The Eagles and Cowboys already have a tremendous rivalry.

But Randle threw gas on the fire Wednesday. And we have no idea whether he can back up his tough talk.

After all, this man couldn’t elude mall cops after the great underwear heist. 


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