Big 12 will not recommend a representative to CFP committee

If TCU and Baylor finish with identical 8-1 records, the Big 12 will not designate either team to the College Football Playoff committee as its champion, commissioner Bob Bowlsby told FOX Sports Southwest on Tuesday. 

"That was tweeted over the weekend but that was not accurate," Bowlsby said. "We don’t have any standing to recommend anyone. The committee is going to make their own choices." 

If two teams share the Big 12 title and none are selected for the four-team playoff, the conference does have an obligation to name a representative for the Sugar Bowl, and in that case, the head-to-head winner would be selected. 

"That doesn’t have anything to do with the College Football Playoff process, though," Bowlsby said. 

TCU and Baylor are both 8-1 and 5-1 in Big 12 play this season, but Baylor beat TCU 61-58 on a last-second field goal on Oct. 11. If both teams win their remaining three games, both teams will receive a trophy and both will be considered champions by the selection committee. 

"We don’t have any authority or prerogative to intervene in what the committee is going to do. It is entirely their choice as to who are the four best teams," Bowlsby said. "They would never ask us for a recommendation and we would never seek to provide them a recommendation, because that would get in the way of their charge that they have as the playoff committee."