Hudson to start Braves’ spring opener vs. Tigers

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — On Tuesday afternoon, Braves manager announced the club’s rotation order for the first five games of

spring training (Feb. 22-26): Tim Hudson (vs. Tigers), Paul Maholm (vs. Yankees), Julio Teheran (@

Pirates), Kris Medlen (vs. Marlins) and Mike Minor (vs. Nationals).

Gonzalez didn’t go into specifics regarding the length of the outings; but like most MLB teams playing

in February, starting pitchers rarely go more than two innings in their first go-round of Grapefruit

League action.

Last year, the Braves went 10-18 overall in spring training, taking 13th place out of 15 teams, finishing ahead of the

Mets and Pirates.

Of the 28 Grapefruit games, Atlanta scored 125 total runs, for a per-outing average of 4.7 runs.

However, the pitching and defense surrendered 163 total runs, for a per-outing average of 5.82