The Black Keys design slick jersey to benefit Akron baseball league

Rocker duo The Black Keys began selling these jerseys on their website Monday to benefit their childhood baseball league in Akron, Ohio.

Last year Grammy-winning rocker duo The Black Keys made a group of little league players feel like rock stars by sponsoring the Orioles, a team in the West Akron Baseball League of Akron, Ohio, also the hometown of members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney.

On Monday they followed up that act of generosity by going to bat for not just one team but the entire league — which bandmates Auerbach and Carney played for as kids — by selling a slick new jersey designed by Patrick’s brother and Black Keys creative director Michael Carney.

The league will reportedly use funds from T-shirt sales for various projects, including new uniforms, field renovations, equipment upgrades and keeping registration fees low.

Hopefully T-shirt sales will spark as much good fortune for the W.A.B.L. as it did for the Orioles, who with the coolest sponsor in the league finished undefeated last season.

"Dan [Auerbach] and I played little league when we were kids before we got into music, it was a really positive hobby that kept us from sitting around watching TV," Carney told "We are proud to be sponsoring W.A.B.L. to hopefully offset some of the league’s expenses and get more kids outside having fun."