Hall of Famer Hal McCoy steps up his shoe game

Not many people can pull off pink shoes, but Hal McCoy does it with ease.

Henry Green

Walking into the press box for Sunday’s Reds game, I saw something I never thought I’d see.

Hall of Famer Hal McCoy decked out in a pair of bright pink Adidas.

Yes, that’s right, bright pink Adidas sneakers.

While in the clubhouse prior to today’s game, Hal was doing his normal rounds and Ryan Ludwick was showing off his pink accented Mother’s Day cleats. Not to be outdone, starting pitcher Homer Bailey called Hal over to give him a sneak peek of his special kicks.

When Hal got to Homer’s locker, Homer had a pair of pink cleats in his hands.

"Are you gonna pitch in those?" Hal asked.

"Hell yes I am, hell yes!"

Then, once Homer found out Hal wore size 13s like himself, he pulled down a shoebox from his locker and whipped out a pair of bright pink running shoes.

"I dare you to wear these," Homer said.

And when challenged, boy did Hal step up to the plate. ‘Give me those’ Hal said, and for the rest of the day, Hal became the flyest writer in the press box.

Even the stylish Jim Day was impressed.

Homer also promised Hal that if he threw another no-hitter today, he would give Hal a new pair of shoes every time he pitched.

Needless to say, Hal is really hoping for that no-hitter.

As for the rest of us, Hal we only have one question, do those shoes come in men’s too?