Comment of the Day: Johnny Football or Johnny Bust?

Two hundred and twenty-nine posts later, folks are still commenting on Fred Greetham’s article about Johnny Manziel hitting the playing field for the Cleveland Browns.

Comments came in from all over the country as the national attention on Johnny Football continues unabated.

Here are some of the comments we pulled out of the lengthy threads and would like to highlight.

Sandemann57 wrote:

"Hate him or love him, Johnny Manziel is a football player!!!! A good one at that. And I am no Browns fan or Manziel fan but this kid can play. Browns fans your days are coming. You now have what you’ve missed for so long, a quarterback. He is the type of kid that comes to win, not just play the game. I wish him the best. and the Browns as well."

Pandaman972 was on the opposite end of the spectrum:

I’m a Manziel doubter. However, he sure seems to understand he is in the bigs now and he isn’t going to get anything he doesn’t earn. You have to admire that. I wonder if being picked 22 instead of top ten might have been a little slice of humble pie? Regardless, I hope the Browns are more competitive. A proud franchise that has fallen on hard times and can’t seem to get up and stay up.

Tarblooeders82 was also down on Manziel, but high on Hoyer:


Hoyer has demonstrated that he can and has been a winner in the NFL. He has also studied behind Tom Brady.

Manziel has ONLY played the QB position for 4yrs. 2 in HS and 2 in college. Not exactly somebody who is a guarantee to "WRECK" the NFL. I believe that Luck and RG3 will have better careers.

My personal opinion is that Manziel will turn out to be another Tim Couch and or Mike Phipps.

Yikes. Browns fans have their fingers crossed that Manziel can adjust to the NFL and "wreck" the league. The most-tormented fans in the NFL can look to the future with optimism, and that’s a great thing.