From Andy with love: Varejao writes heartfelt letter to Cavs fans

There are plenty of reasons why Cleveland Cavaliers fans were so indebted to Anderson Varejao over the years. His response to being traded is just another on the long list.

Varejao shared on his social media Friday night a poignant letter to "Cavs fans everywhere."

Some of the highlights:

— "Coming over from Spain at the young age of 21 was a difficult transition, but as soon as I put on a Cavs jersey and stepped on the court, I felt at home."

— "Whether you were watching on TV, listening to the radio, or in the Q screaming at the top of your lungs, we felt your energy and support. Cleveland fans are simply the best."

— "Home is where the heart is, and my heart will forever be in Cleveland."

Varejao was traded from Cleveland on Thursday in a three-team deal that sent the veteran power forward to Portland and netted the Cavs Channing Frye.

Read Andy’s full letter here: