Vikings all-time tournament second round: 1973 (4) vs. 2009 (5)

A second-round matchup in the all-time Minnesota Vikings tournament — No. 4 seed 1973 vs. No. 5 seed 2009

Vikings All-Time Tournament

How they got here: Defeated No.13 seed 1987 by a score of 20-17

The Purple People Eaters cruised to a 9-0 start to the season and mauled Washington and Dallas in the postseason before, unfortunately, falling to Miami in Super Bowl VIII. Chuck Foreman, the 12th overall pick in the 1973 draft, rushed for 801 yards (4.4 average) as a rookie.

How they got here: Defeated No. f12 seed 1992 by a score of 41-14

In the words of Brett Favre, “the pieces are in place.” Favre, who terrorized Vikings defenses for almost two decades, joined the purple for a memorable season. As he clashed with head coach Brad Childress, Favre posted a career-best 107.2 passer rating, but unfortunately threw one too many interceptions in the postseason. Sigh.