Homeless ex-Cowboy reportedly is man victimized in shocking brawl

Chris Brymer during his college career at USC.

Craig Hacker/Sporting News/Icon/ZUMA Press

The video has been making the rounds on the Internet for a few days.

Sadly, the apparent homeless man is being picked on by some dude … for no apparent reason.

However, this homeless person wasn’t the guy to be messed with.

According to reports out of Victorville, Calif., the person who knocks the dude flat on his butt is Chris Brymer.

That would be the same Chris Brymer who played football at USC and had stints with the Dallas Cowboys and the XFL’s Los Angeles Extreme.

Brymer is apparently well known around Victorville.

His backstory is simply tragic. Once a successful businessman, now homeless and likley suffering from effects of head trauma and CTE.