Miami Heat podcast: Shane Battier on Battioke, Heat’s recent moves

NBA champion and Miami Heat legend Shane Battier is this week’s special guest for the Miami Heat podcast to chat about his upcoming charity event, the South Beach Battioke.

Battier explains what makes the annual event so special and also discusses his transition from the court to the broadcasting booth as well as his special relationship with the Miami Heat organization. He also gives his take on the latest moves by Pat Riley to strengthen this year’s team.

:30 — What makes Battioke such a special event and how does it benefit your organization, the Take Charge Foundation?

2:15 — Discussion of former Battioke champions and who could steal the crown this year.

3:30 — What is your role with the Miami Heat now in retirement?

4:30 — Why did you choose to go into broadcasting?

5:35 — What’s the transition been like after retiring but still being close to the game?

7:30 — How would you grade the latest moves that Pat Riley made to improve the roster?

8:45 — What are your thoughts on all of the major injuries that NBA stars have gone through? Should the season be shortened?

9:30 — What is your relationship with the South Florida community and why did you decide to stay here after retiring?

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