Tigers score on a walk and three errors

The Tigers' Ian Kinsler scores on a strange play Sunday. 

Rick Osentoski/Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

DETROIT — It might be just another early game on the lengthy schedule, but the Tigers and Angels pulled off a play Sunday that will live in the highlight reels for a long time.

It all started with one out in the bottom of the first inning, the Tigers’ Ian Kinsler on first and a 3-2 count to Miguel Cabrera. Kinsler broke for second on the full-count pitch, and Angels catcher Hank Conger fired to second base, not realizing home-plate umpire Brian Knight had called ball four.

That’s when things started getting silly.

Conger’s throw sailed into center field, allowing Kinsler to head for third. That should have been the end of it — Cabrera was still getting his protective equipment off — but center fielder Mike Trout flipped a routine throw back to the infield over second baseman Howie Kendick’s head.

Kinsler, seeing the ball rolling toward the pitching mound, broke for the plate, and Cabrera started running to first. Angels pitcher Hector Santiago picked up the ball and spun to throw home, seemingly having plenty of time to retire the runner.

Keeping up with the theme of the peculiar moment, though, Santiago fired the ball past Conger as Kinsler slid in with the run. Cabrera, despite his late start, ended up on second base.

After watching the replay, official scorer Ron Kleinfelter gave the Angels three errors on the play, one to Conger for allowing Kinsler to reach third, one on Trout for allowing Kinsler to score and one on Santiago for letting Cabrera to advance to second.

A walk, three errors and a permanent spot on baseball blooper reels.