Lions turn to Twitter to ’empathize’ with Cowboys

The Detroit Lions did a little trolling Sunday at the expense of the Dallas Cowboys.

Shortly after a game-turning call went against the Cowboys, the Lions’ official Twitter account sent out a message that read: "Sorry @dallascowboys. We know the feeling. #CompletingTheProcess."

It was in reference to Dez Bryant’s apparent catch near the Green Bay 1-yard line in the final minutes, which got overturned after a video review and was ruled incomplete.

The call led to a 26-21 loss, eliminating Dallas from the playoffs, one week after an official’s controversial decision to pick up a flag for an interference penalty had gone in the Cowboys’ favor and helped end the LIons’ season.

The tweet included a link to the replay of Lions receiver Calvin Johnson’s apparent touchdown catch in 2010 against the Chicago Bears. That play also ended up being called incomplete because Johnson didn’t "complete the process" as the ball came loose when he fell to the ground in the end zone. The rule is now commonly referred to as the "Calvin Johnson rule."

It was a similar situation Sunday that burned Bryant and the Cowboys. It appeared he had control of the ball for a reception before it popped loose once he fell to the turf near the goal line.

The incomplete pass on the fourth-down play turned the ball back over to the Packers, who ran out the clock for the victory.

The Cowboys, not surprisingly, were getting no sympathy from the Lions.

Dan Orlovsky, Detroit’s backup quarterback, even tweeted, "They shouldn’t be the ones playing anyway!"