Exclusive: The Rock talks UFC, Richard Sherman, the People’s Elbow and more

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is in the middle of a media blitz to promote "Hercules," which hits theaters this Friday.

The Buzzer recently had the opportunity to ask Johnson the following five questions:

1.  Besides anything that took place at the University of Miami or the WWE, what has been the best sports experience of your life?

2. If The Rock could wrestle any athlete/sports figure, who would he want to face?

3. Who is a better trash-talker: The Rock or Richard Sherman?

4. Tell us what Dwayne Johnson eats in a typical day?

5. Who, besides you, has performed the greatest People’s Elbow?

Despite being very complimentary, we can still see the Seahawks cornerback not liking that "Richard Sherman took notes from The Rock" line. Hopefully he responds.