Sweet! Seattle’s Lynch gets custom jersey made of Skittles

Taste the Rainbow: Lynch celebrates with Seahawks fans. 

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

It’s no secret Marshawn Lynch loves his Skittles.

The running back has been an unabashed fan of the colored candies since his Pop Warner days (Lynch is partial to the sour ones, though he’s told For the Win "I’m a fan of them all").

After the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, Lynch was spotted throwing handfuls of Skittles into the crowd during the victory parade.

He’s even partnered up with the Taste the Rainbow folks to shill a limited edition Seattle Seahawk blue-and-green variety for charity. 

So Skittles has decided to return the love, gifting their No. 1 fan his own custom jersey.

H/t to For the Win for sharing