Report: MMA fighter’s mother leaps into the ring after son is KO’d

A woman, second from right, jumped into an MMA ring, reportedly to tend to her son, who had just been knocked out.

Fans who attended the OFC 20: March Massacre II event in Columbus, Ohio, this past weekend witnessed that firsthand, according to the BluegrassMMA website.

It was then that Fisher’s mother reportedly jumped into action … quite literally, BluegrassMMA claims. The site says she "scaled the entire cage which stands nearly 9 feet from the ground" and ran to tend to her son.

In the video below, a woman is seen jumping into the ring around the two-minute mark. She eventually is escorted out, "while the medics took care of Fisher," the site reports:

For his part, Fisher appeared to be OK, getting up and shaking hands with Frasher.

The announcer — claiming the referee stopped the contest "with only 36 seconds elapsed" — declared Frasher the winner by knockout. And some fans in the crowd could be heard yelling, "We love you, mama!"