Did Phil Jackson just troll the Warriors on Twitter?

It certainly would seem a little odd for the president of the New York Knicks to start trolling other NBA teams on Twitter. 

After all, the sad-sack Knicks finished this season with a miserable 17-65 record, the worst in franchise history and good enough for second-worst in the entire league. Jesus, even the Philadelphia 76ers finished a game ahead of them — and to many observers, Philly appeared to be TRYING to lose.

If any team deserves trolling, it’s the Knicks.

But Phil Jackson apparently ruffled some feathers on Sunday with the following tweet:

True, the Zenmaster doesn’t specifically mention any teams by name there, but his implied target seems pretty clear: The Golden State Warriors. 

The Dubs wrapped up a historically successful regular season for the franchise (67-15), thanks in large part to the three-point-shooting abilities of Klay Thompson and newly minted league MVP Steph Curry, aka the Splash Bros.

But after sweeping the New Orleans Pelicans in the first round of the postseason, the Warriors just haven’t looked like themselves vs. their second-round opponent, the Memphis Grizzlies. Curry in particular has struggled, and Memphis has a 2-1 lead over a squad that many still consider the team to beat in the playoffs.

Criticism of Golden State may be fair — they’re a young team, they do rely on the jump-shot perhaps a bit too much, and it’s possible they are a tad overrated — but does the president of the lowly New York Knicks really have any room to talk?

Jackson apparently took some heat for his tweet, prompting this follow-up:

So maybe Jackson decided that after tweaking the Warriors’ fan base, he needed to butter up fans of San Antonio and Miami — neither of which will win a championship this year, we might add.

We dunno, Phil. Sounds like you brought the "cranky stuff" upon yourself here.

For the record, it doesn’t sound like Warriors coach Steve Kerr — who of course played for the Chicago Bulls back when Jackson was the coach — is losing much sleep over the tweet: