After complaints, Mets say they won’t put two men on Kiss Cam anymore

The Kiss Cam is one of the stupidest stadium traditions in sports.

"Hey, you came to a sporting event to enjoy the game? Good, now we’re going to embarrass you and make you kiss in front of the entire crowd for their entertainment because just watching the game isn’t enough."

Of course, another reason the Kiss Cam is lame is because teams now stage fake kisses in hopes of "going viral."

Kiss Cam is also garbage because stadiums like to put two men on it so everyone in attendance can laugh at them. Ha ha. Being gay is funny.

Even Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy pointed this out a few years ago.

The Mets have been taking things in another direction, though. Instead of showing two male fans, they show two opponents, because, once again, two men together is supposed to make people laugh.

Well, fans have complained about New York’s "gag" and the team has announced they are putting an end to it.

The team released this statement to the Huffington Post on Thursday.