Minor-league manager slides home and strips in another epic meltdown

Minor-league baseball manager Joe Mikulik has a history of histrionics. 

In his latest act in the fifth inning on Sunday night, Myrtle Beach Pelicans manager Mikulik chucked his helmet, kicked dirt on an umpire, and twice imitated his player’s hook slide from the call he was protesting (obviously, the Pelicans player was ruled out).

And that’s all before Mikulik reached deep into his well of antics.

He then covered home plate with dirt, took off his shoes and jersey and piled it atop the plate, before offering a definitive safe sign.

All of this happend while OAR’s "Crazy Game of Poker" played from the public address.

Here’s Mikulik in 2006 when he managed the Asheville Tourists, a meltdown highlighted by Mikulik removing second base and chucking it into right field. 

Plus, there’s Mikulik’s explosion in 2012 when the Tourists visited the Charleston RiverDogs. On that occasion, Mikiluk removed a base again and gave it to a fan as a souvenir.

There’s a promotion in here somewhere. Anger management night?

[Big League Stew via Holdout Sports]