Jamaal Charles posts really sad tweet about Branden Albert’s departure

Kansas City Chiefs star running back Jamaal Charles is feeling a little down in the dumps right now.

We know this thanks to Twitter.

Let’s climb inside his brain for a second:

See you on the other side? That’s sounds pretty depressing.

We have some good news, though. Branden Albert, the man mentioned in that tweet, is not dead. In fact, he’s very much alive.

The free agent offensive tackle, who spent his first six years in the NFL with the Chiefs, agreed to a five-year, $46 million deal with the Dolphins shortly after free agency began Tuesday.

Albert, one of the best left tackles in the NFL, opened a lot of holes for Charles during their time together in Kansas City. He even tried to cheer the running back up after seeing Charles’ tweet:

They’ll see each other again pretty soon, however, as the Chiefs and Dolphins will face each other in the 2014 regular season.

Maybe this will help Charles cheer up a bit: