Another week, another Texas HS football ref struck by a player

A Texas high school player shoved an official during a loss Saturday in the second such incident in the San Antonio area in just over a week.

The player, St. Anthony senior Zeke Cardenas, was quickly restrained by teammates and ejected after he plowed into an official during the third quarter of a home game against Hyde Park High from Austin, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

A week earlier, two John Jay High School players tackled and speared an official late in a game at Marble Falls. Video of the incident spread quickly and interest in the story intensified after the players reportedly made allegations of inflammatory comments being directed at them.

On Saturday’s play, Cardenas fielded a low snap, retrieved the ball behind him and was sacked. As Cardenas came to his feet, video appears to show the quarterback shoving an opponent to draw a penalty flag.

Cardenas originally walked away before an official approached him. As the two came closer, the official threw another flag before Cardenas shoved him.

St. Anthony players then restrained Cardenas.

Hyde Park went on to win 21-0.