Wiggins’ Draft Day suit even catches Steve Martin’s eye

Andrew Wiggins was the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, so he certainly had a lot of photo ops Thursday night. Naturally, he dressed to impress.

The 6-foot-8 freshman from Kansas sported a suit complete with a black and white floral blazer and pants skinnier than your 13-year-old sister’s.

Wiggins’ tailor Waraire Boswell — who also has dressed LeBron James, Blake Griffin and Chris Bosh – told Women’s Wear Daily that the white rose print usually is reserved for European royalty.

“It’s super-exclusive, and we were told it was for when royals vacation or go to a country club,” Boswell said before the draft. “It’s a European bird’s-eye fabric. I guarantee no one will have anything even close to what he’s wearing.”

Wiggins’ suit earned accolades from fans on Twitter, but some noticed it looked strikingly similar to the get-ups worn by Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short in their 1986 movie “Three Amigos.” In fact, so many split-screen photos were passed around the Internet that Martin himself eventually responded to the attention. One Twitter user asked who wore the suit better, and Martin had a very simple answer.

While Wiggins won the day and the draft, this week revealed at least one thing he’s not good at.

Wiggins participated at an NBA Cares event Wednesday at a Manhattan public school, where he played with some kids and proved that he’s really, really bad at jumping rope. Apparently, Wiggins’ 40-plus-inch vertical has some limits.

The YouTube account for Wiggins’ alma mater posted the video, exposing the top NBA Draft pick’s mortal weakness.

FOX Sports contributor Brett Smiley contributed to this report.

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