Suns’ Archie Goodwin shows off golf swing to challenge Charles Barkley

Troy Taormina/Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Barkley’s golf swing is infamous for its, shall we say, unusualness (some might say ineptitude), but Sir Charles might no longer be the unchallenged master of golfing awkwardness.

The Phoenix Suns took a recent trip to Top Golf in Scottsdale on one of their team-bonding expeditions, and third-year guard Archie Goodwin was the talk of the day. A golf pro might have been horrified by what he saw, but Archie’s teammates seemed more amused.

Judge for yourself, courtesy of the Suns’ Rise Network.

Archie seemed to take the scrutiny in stride, even boasting that he might be ready for the PGA Tour after a bit more practice.

As the kids like to say these days — Yeah … no.